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The Tattooed Medium MB

Melody, professionally & internationally known as The Tattooed Medium, possesses the ability to connect with spirit and relay messages from those who have passed on. A gift she’s nurtured since childhood that has led her to be featured on various television networks such as The Travel Channel and Destination America. 


A well loved and respected medium, Melody’s readings often provide a profound and validating impact for her clients. The messages she relays are evidence backed, information that she receives intuitively, that she could not know otherwise creating a validating and healing experience. Messages of love from those who have crossed over can bring comfort, clarity and provide guidance for those who need it. 


Melody offers a variety of services, backed by natural spiritual abilities and a lifetime of study. Her work includes; spiritual business mentor, spiritual advisor, psychic mediumship, Lightarian (Angel healing), Reiki, trance healing and psychotherapy. She currently offers individual and group readings, healing sessions, business coaching and is available for appearances and parties. 

Areas covered include:

On-line video chat readings 

Angel Cards or Intuitive Card Readings

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

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