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A message from The Tattooed Medium:


Work as a Medium is very sacred. 


It’s all about proving that life is eternal, that we are spirit-beings here and now and forevermore. A reading gives you evidence that your loved ones who have passed to the other side still exist in spirit. It gives your loved ones who have passed a chance to share their messages with you and to say the things they didn’t get to say while alive. Those in the Spirit World know the kind of evidence I can hope to hear from them, and they know that my main goal is to correctly capture their essence so that you have no doubt they are present. 


The ability to connect spiritually is much clearer when the medium remains in a passive, receptive mode, passing along the information and messages those on the other side are able to get through. Every thought, every image, every feeling has a distinct frequency. It’s like a 3 way phone call between myself, Spirit and the sitter. A medium is able to tune in to certain frequencies better than others. Those on the other side will get through everything they are able to. It is my goal to capture their essence, their evidence, and their messages so clearly that you have no doubt your loved one is still right here and very much part of your life.

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